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The Official Gonzaga University Gift Collection

Upgrade your Gonzaga University experience to the next level with our exclusive collection of officially licensed Gonzaga University gifts. Discover a wide range of products that showcase your love for this esteemed institution, from elegant home decor to stylish apparel, and even collectibles. Each item is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring that your Gonzaga University spirit is represented with style and class. Shop now and take your Gonzaga University experience to the next level.

  1. Gonzaga Diploma Frame, the Fidelitas: Frame your Gonzaga University diploma in style with this premium handcrafted diploma frame, made from the finest wood in the USA. This museum-quality frame comes with top-of-the-line conservation materials to ensure your diploma remains protected while on display. Showcase your pride and achievement in Gonzaga University with this exceptional frame that truly embodies the excellence of the institution.
  2. Gonzaga Marble Bookends by M.LaHart: Looking for a distinguished gift that showcases your Gonzaga University pride? Look no further than these solid marble bookends, perfect for both seasoned professionals and fresh-faced graduates. With a weight of 4lbs, these bookends make a statement of quality and refinement that's impossible to ignore. With the Gonzaga University logo proudly displayed front and center, these bookends offer a timeless way to showcase your school spirit while keeping your bookshelf organized.
  3. Gonzaga Shinola Watch, The Runwell: Wear your Gonzaga University pride in style with the Shinola Runwell, featuring the iconic GU logo on the white dial. With a large 47 mm case, this timepiece not only makes a statement but also guarantees longevity with its superior engineering and top-quality materials. Shinola's flagship watch is a reliable and stylish accessory for any occasion, made with obsessive attention to detail.
  4. Gonzaga Lamp in Brass & Marble: Add some Gonzaga University flair to your home with this stunning candelabra-style lamp showcasing the GU logo. Crafted from high-quality marble and brass, this lamp radiates elegance and sophistication. The hand-polished finish adds a touch of opulence, making it a captivating addition to any space.
  5. Gonzaga Tumbler Glasses: Amplify your Gonzaga University experience with our signature Gonzaga Tumbler Glasses! These popular tumblers are deep-etched with the iconic GU logo and are perfect for any beverage and any occasion. Personalize them with your name or graduation year to make them an extra special gift and showcase your Gonzaga pride. Quench your thirst for Gonzaga spirit with these one-of-a-kind tumbler glasses.

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Since 1996, M.LaHart & Company has been committed to offering students, graduates, alumni, and their families the finest quality products to honor their proud university affiliations. We believe that only gifts of the highest integrity can faithfully uphold the traditions of America's finest institutions. This straightforward commitment, matched with white-glove service, has made M.LaHart & Company one of the fastest growing and most respected businesses in the collegiate market.